about the idea of an Earthlings Community

An Earthlings Community aims to provide all vegan activists and organizers comprehensively with a kind of social “home-base” for their local area. See Earthlings Ulm, Earthlings Allgäu and Earthlings Augsburg (Germany) for example.

We’re all earthlings.

Right? So let’s work together toward our common goal of animal rights and ANIMAL LIBERATION. There are many different organizations and all kinds of forms of vegan activism and that’s just great! This is why an Earthlings Community doesn’t constitute an actual organization. It’s an organizations-comprehensive vegan community for both activists and organizers of a certain local area (town/city/district), where they share ideas & activism events (common calendar), arrange local meetups for workshops, networking & socializing, share social media impacting content from their actions and encourage other vegans to become active, too.

Make the connection.

The epoch-making animal rights documentary Earthlings (2005) makes each local Earthlings Community as well as all of them combined a community of values and constitutes our (least) common denominator and eponym. Besides from that each Earthlings Community is completely independent & autonomous. It’s up to the members of each community to make sure their community is run as a minimal-/none-hierarchical (apart from elected roles like admins/moderators/coordinators) grass-roots democracy and actively refutes all forms of discrimination & oppression. We are all fellow earthlings – and vegan activists make sure of that.